FullStack Developer


Junior, Middle, Senior


Top 3 Reasons To Join Us:
  • You like growing companies with a great potential of career development
  • You want to quickly increase your value and earn more money
  • You want to perfectly balance your work and personal life and ensure that your company respects your family life
Job Description:
  • Develop one part of a big scalable platform including multiple applications (web and mobile)
  • Code backend (70%) and frontend (30%) functions
  • Cooperate with project manager, DB architect, system architect, business expert, UX designer
  • Participate in one or more stages in the entire software development process such as: analysis, design and software development
  • Willing to learn new technologies
  • You will work with those who consider that working, playing, enjoying is totally compatible
  • Opportunity to learn these technologies
    • Programming Language & Framework: NodeJS, .NET, Java Spring Boot
    • Database: Cassandra, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Redis, GraphDB (Neo4J, DSE Graph)
    • Architecture: Microservices, Event-Driven-System, Clean Architecture
    • Realtime technology: Firebase Cloud Firestore / Realtime Database, Socket.IO
    • Containerization technology: Docker, Google Cloud Platform
    • Message Broker, Streaming Platform: RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka
    • Cloud service: Google, OCR, AutoML, Firebase, AWS (lambda function, S3, SES…)
Your Skills and Experience:
  • With intelligence and desire you can learn everything very quickly
  • We prefer a good mind without experience than a plenty experience mind without willpower
  • Having this knowledge/experience is not essential but is a plus :
    • Good knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), SOLID principles, and design patterns
    • 3+ Years of experience working on enterprise software projects utilizing .NET, SQL (SQL Server, PostgreSQL…) or NodeJS, NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis, Elacticseach…)
    • Experience in building Rest API, API integration (knowledge in GraphQL, gRPC is a plus)
    • Strong interest and skills in web technologies including front-end basics of CSS, Bootstrap, Angular, VueJs
  • Having the following skills is not mandatory but is a mega plus:
    • Microservices experience
    • Familiar with Cloud services like AWS and Google
    • Desire and willingness to understand and embrace new technologies and methodologies
    • Passion for code quality and improvement
    • Familiar with source control management: Git, Git Flow
Why You’ll Love Working Here:
    • We make our employees more competent and valued every day
    • We build quality and truly useful product that help people
    • We prefer freedom and responsibility to coercion
    • We prefer creativity to blind obedience
    • Experience the start-up environment with people who see the workplace as a second home
  • Competitive salary: Range for middle level $1,200 ~ $2,000, or negotiation
  • Work in an active environment
  • Good career advancement opportunities
  • Surprised bonuses that recognize outstanding contributions
Working conditions:
  • Working Time: Flexibly register your starting time of a day from 7:00 am to 9:00 am, Monday to Friday
  • Office Address: 9th Floor 25T2 Building, Hoang Dao Thuy, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi

We’d love to hear from you at services@itealvn.com  or (+84) 919 326 983

Who You’ll Be Working With…

Ngo Van Tu

General Director
Arrives early and reads books


Le Thi Hoang Yen

Office manager
Loves people and plants


Nguyen Manh Hung

Core development head
So nice and caring


Do Trung Dung

Mobile development head
So concentrated when he works


Nguyen Luu Cuong

Technical consultant
Most powerful brain (n back)